[ Bella Cream Breast Englargement ]

Hello there! You guys must be surprised when you read the title haha I got this BellaCream since last year but I didn't got the time to make a review of this product because you have to use this twice a day and last year was a hard year for me because my mom got in the hospital and I had to take care of her, I had my job everyday and I still was in therapy for myself so I just forgot about this untill last month. I got this product sponsored from loveshoppingholics.com I was so curious if this product really makes your breast bigger! You can also use the Food Must Up snack and another special Must Up oil all together but I just got the Must up Cream that also should do it's work. 

Since I'm kinda insecure about my breasts - the way they look. I really find them ugly shaped and there is no volume on the top of my breasts unless I wear a good bra of course but when I take my bra off it is just a sad moment and I also feel insecure about it towards my boyfriend even though he loves everything about me, it still makes me sad so when I saw this product I really was curious if this would work or not,  If it doesn't work than I'll just have to accept the way my breasts are lol but I hope this cream can make them some CM bigger. Read my experience down below!

How to use it:
Spread evenly around the breast, and gently massage until completely absorbed. 10~25 minutes later you get a warm and hot feeling and it can be itchy then massage again in order to enhance absorption. You can also use the steps from the pictures above.

  1.  Massage your breast from armpit around breast with a circle way.
  2. Push and press acupoint and massage to get it absorbed easily. 
  3. Gently pat and smoothly massage from down to up. 
  4. Press the acupoint with your thumb as on the image for 3min. 
 [Caution] Never pet hardly, you may cause the shape bad or smaller. We all know the breast are mostly made by fat.
To have perfect breast shape, we suggest you may also use the MUST UP B.B. Candy together.

What do you feel and what can you expect?
1-2 days: The Preliminary Stage
The cream penetrates into the breast cells, enhance the growth of mammary glands .

7-9 days: The Cell Activation Stage
You would feel slightly swelling pain in your breast. Please continue to use the cream  to achieve the full development of your bust.

20 days: The Growth Stage
Your breast obviously becomes fullness and firmness. Use the cream to recover your breast firmness .

After 1 month: The Stabling and Moisturizing Stage
 It just depend on individuals, your breast will increase about 6-8 cm than before. You can use the cream to massage your breast 3-5 times a week to keep them firm and tender.

My Experience:

My cup size is 75D & I measured my breasts from the middle- from the nipples- before I started to use this and it said 102cm, now some people may think 'Well but that is quite big!' Until you see me without a bra than you will say something else but ok. Once I applied it after I took a shower, my breasts felt very warm and itchy between my cleavage and under my breasts but after some couple minutes it went away but I only felt this when I took showersbefore applying the product. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me it kinda made me sad cause I really hoped it would've done something. I did read some comments from other women for who it DID work so it can but not for everybody or you will have to try it with the other products and do the whole program.
This is also a thing where you need to have patience & time for, I know myself so I lose interest very quick when something doesn't work out - I sometimes forget to use it or I was too lazy/tired at night to apply it. I hope it will work for the ones who also use this! Good luck with it.


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