About me

My name is Shirley Kimberley, i'm 21 years old and I live in the Netherlands.
I'm part Dutch and part Indonesian. I'm in a relationship of 4 years since 2010-06-13 with Kaming.

I really like Japanese fashion & Gyaru girls, I love how they can express themselves with their outfits/make up .. while here in the Netherlands it seems like everyone is too afraid of being different so the most look like - basic - people. Many people that i know dislike this look and way of fashion because it looks weird to them or like Alien'ish/Doll face with Spicegirls shoes (that's how most describe it but I don't care tho) they prefer me being ala natural, there is nothing wrong with being natural but let me live, I love being different. Like saying ''Natural beauty comes from inside'' Yeah okay but I am still the same person from the inside with and without make up.

I really want to do Gyaru more but it takes alot of time and I'm very lazy I do wanna practice more too, I get my fashion inspiration from streetwear, tumblr, harajuku but I also wanna try the real Gyaru brands.

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