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Hello babes, today I'm going to review circle lenses! (English is not my first language so there might be lots of mistakes) I also haven't done this for awhile so I'm sorry if I forgot to mention something! Do you guys own/like circle lenses? I really love wearing them cause you create a different look with all the many different designs and colors and I always wanted to know what I looked like with green or blue eyes! But today I'm reviewing brown circle lenses which are sponsored by www.klenspop.com They are located in Korea & they sell many lenses +  beauty products for a payable price. The shipping went pretty fast, I got it in a week :D! It came in a regular shipping box & the product was wrapped in bubble wrap, the lenses came in a pretty nice little box with a girl on it together with a lens case and plastic twizzers. On the back of the box you can see easy steps on what to do first and how to apply the lenses.
Bunny Color Brown $20,- | Brand: Lenspop | Diameter: 14mm/Graphic Diameter: 13,8mm | Water Content: 38% | Base Curve: 8,6mm | Lifespan: 1 year | Shipping: $5,50 | Delivery information: HERE | Payment information: HERE.

The Bunny Color Brown lenses are very natural because they don't have a black rim and they blend so well with my own eyes! Even though they are natural they do make your eyes bigger so you still get a little dolly look but with a natural effect and it depends on how you do your make up, I chose for a natural make up look. The thing that I don't like is that they sometimes might appear orange'ish when you take pictures with the flash light on but in daylight they look normal + when taking pictures with the front camera or without flash they look much darker. 

At first you don't really feel that you are wearing lenses so they are comfy in the beginning but unfortunately not for a long time cause my eyes get all teary and hours later I do feel them irritating my eyes so maybe I have to try these Lychee eyedrops and hope that I can wear them longer like my other lenses. Overall, I'm happy with these lenses cause these are the first one that blend super well with my eyes! Lets see my full face pictures.
I wanna thank Klenspop for sending me these lenses! 

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