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Yo people! How are you all doing? I have a week vacation so I'm pretty good with doing absolutely nothing than just relaxing and eating nice food! But I have some new items! I bought this new light pink winter coat, I saw it and I had to buy it, totally me only my boyfriend doesn't like it, same for my black lipstick but he has to live with it haha - a green long vest, super comfy and warm also for in the evening while chilling on the couch - and super awesome shoes they were the last pair and in my size yihoo I was so happy omg even the woman who worked there had to laugh because I was flipping but I bought this stuff at Primark last friday and thank god there was almost nobody there since most people still had to go to school or work, normally Primark is so full of people that you can't do anything and I can't handle that much people at once, I still was kinda nervous to go to the city but everything was going fine, I also went to the Toko and bought lots of Indonesian [lemper/spekkoek/kue lapis] & Chinese [mantou] snacks - I went with my mom sister & boyfriend! We also bought some Halloween stuff for next weeks friday when they are celebrating it here, I'm so excited to go and be scary! Do you also celebrate Halloween? 

Primark: pink coat €30,- | green vest €19,- | shoes was €20 now €12,- 

H&M: croptop €4,99,- ? | high waist jeans €19,99 | body jewelry €6,99  | earrings.

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