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Hey guys, I had some problems with the old Follow gadget from Blogspot and I couldn't get it back, I thought the gadget named 'Followers' was the old one but everytime I tried to add it, it didn't work and many people told me that it worked fine on their blogspot and I should keep trying to add it but I lost my hope and used Bloglovin' all the time..

So I just typed Google Friend Connect in the search bar for gadgets and suddenly these gadgets came up named as 'Members' I gave it a try and guess what.. that is the old follow gadget but you will have to click on the little box after the Blue button otherwise it won't work for some reason .. + Following with twitter also won't work so you have to use Google.
And it might be that when you try to follow me it gives an error but you will have to keep re-trying to follow me. I don't know why it works so fucked up tho..

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  1. Hey! I just tried following your blog and it's not working ;_; Do you have bloglovin? <3

    1. I have bloglovin! That follow gadget hing makes me mad :( for some it works, for other it doesn't.

      Hope that link works haha