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Hey there! It's super windy and cold outside, it's also raining blugh but that didn't stop me from doing an outfit post haha today I'm wearing a Glavil dress/top which I got sponsored a long time ago but this website doesn't exist anymore. My cross necklace is from Fig & Viper, it was a gift from Yue Kihara / Vest is from H&M it's actually from my boyfriend but I thought it went well with my outfit! And my shoes are from Nelly.com called Wannabe. I'm also wearing 2 ponytails for the first time it feels so weird to me but I got the inspiration from the actual model who models this dress,
This is the back of the dress/top, cool right?

I really hate how my face turned out on the pictures, it looks so ugly! That's why I also covered my face on 2 pictures but I can't do that with all of them of course. I don't know why everything looks much better on my phone than on the Canon same for my legs and knees gosh look how terrible they look o_o my X - LEGS. I also added a selfie with a better look from my make up, taken with my phone. I'm wearing 3 different top lashes lol 2 from Dolly Wink and 1 from Diamond Lash but I don't know the names of them since I throw the packages away, oops..

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