Haay there! A new day, a new review! Today I'm reviewing these eyelashes sponsored to me by www.kkcenterhk.com!  This review will be short -> These lashes look adorable but once putting them on I didn't like them because they are very short in width! They don't fill your whole eyelid but only the half of it so you get droopy looking eyes, the only good thing about them is that they feel soft and they do look natural - they aren't big or very outstanding, that may sound weird as you look at the design but they aren't really that 'wow' looking but if you want them to be bigger/longer you have to attach them to other lashes to make them cover up the whole eyelid. 

I also couldn't place them very well because they stop at the middle of your eyelid where it starts to get rounder and the tip of the eyelash wouldn't work with me so it was sticking out a bit sometimes. I also tried to use mascara on my own lashes on the inner corner part but my eyelashes won't (stand) up so they're always going down which made it look worse too. These lashes are a no go for me. 

click -> [RED-CHERRY-48-BK] <- click
Brand new with original retail packing box
100% Authentic & Human Hair
Made in Indonesia
One per in box w/o glue

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