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Hey there! Before you guys complain about my nose contour I still need to get it right & get the correct color haha but ok I feel allot better so I planned to do a circle lens review, sponsored to me by www.the-serenity-22.blogspot.com aka The Apple Of Your Eyes ! When I opened the package I was quite surprised by these ones cause they are not the typical lenses that I prefer to wear, they are kinda crazy but in a good way tho but not just something that I would look for or buy but lets see the results in higher quality down below! 

If you look closely you can see that I'm wearing one lens wrong on the right side, that one is also brighter I did this because sometimes it's hard to see what part of the lens is the good one and in this case I also had to double check - with these ones.
click -> I.Fairy Luna <- click
Diameter: 16.2mm
Water Content: 55 % - BC: 8.6
Yearly Disposal
Life span: 1 Year after op
[ -0.50 and -0.75 are not available

Colour: These lenses have many colours from orange/brown to purple to light brown and black. They are very noticeable viewing from up close but further away I've been told they just look hazel ( that is beautiful ) I've also been told that they kinda look creepy too lol. They don't blend with your own eyes because of the black rim in the middle and sometimes it looks like you're eyes are going places they shouldn't go but that's because of the lenses lol. 

 Comfort: My eyes start to get dry and irritate very easily and so they aren't that comfy for me. I think I need to try out these eye drops from Lynchee maybe that will do a thing for me so I can wear lenses for a longer time. So that was a nope.

Design & Enlargement: This design is not something I would go for I'm not the type for these crazy looking lenses I prefer the more natural looking ones but it was fun to try them out! They also enlarge your eyes pretty good! But I still wanna try out really really big ones if they exist hahah. 

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