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Hey guys! How are you? I'm fine. Here is my new outfit post. I'm wearing the Money outfit from H&M it's a legging and a croptop. Altho I'm not skinny, that doesn't stop me from wearing a legging and a croptop, let your rolls get some freedom, they need air too & if people don't like it than they should close their eyes lol. If you're curious what size I'm wearing: M for both! But that is only when I shop at H&M when it comes to other stores I have to buy a size L! Even the Japanese size L is way too small for me. 

I'm not sure if I would wear this while I'm doing grocery shopping, it's too 'wild' for the people out here cause they all basic here but deep inside I'm also like fuck you, just do it but also like meh I don't know I don't have enough 'balls' for that so my mom just took some pictures outside. She is my personal photographer lmao xd. And as you all know I'm not photogenic, I never know how to pose or what my good angle is so they always turn out weird or always the same.

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