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Hey to the people who read my blog? Probably no one but okay haha. It's Wednesday so here is another outfit post! I kept a myself a promise to do this every Wednesday, I always wanted to post outfits on my blog but I never did cause I didn't had much confident to post them ( mainly because of my body type ) but I need to accept the way I am/look and just go with it & I love fashion! And my outfit posts are not for critism, it's just to let people see what I like to wear! I'm wearing a Peace top from Missguided which I bought last year / Black pants from H&M  / Plateau shoes are from Nelly.com / Earrings from Ebay.

I also haven't done Gyaru for awhile and I'm so sorry, I bet many Gaijins here on social media give me a look for it because I often look 'normal' to them but I'm out of lashes upper and lower! I only have normal looking lashes for natural, normal looks.. well to basic people I look weird but for non basic people I look normal ( that's what I think tho ) But Catherine aka Rinkkopuff & me are doing some gift swaps again and she bought me some eyelashes :D So as soon as I receive her package I will and must do some Gyaru looks! Cause this whole blog also was meant for Gyaru.. 

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