→ Giftswap with Rinkkopuff #2.

Hey there! Today I received my package from Catherine, known as Rinkkopuff. She is the pretty Gaijin Gyaru from Canada. We did a giftswap before & now we did another one haha she went to Hong Kong again so she bought some stuff for me there & I bought some stuff here. She told me it would take about 2 to 4 weeks but suddenly I saw the mailman with a package so I thought Oh yeah I've ordered something from Ebay so that should be it, wellll I was wrong! It was her pacakge so I was like HUH NOW? How is that even possible? Lol. 

She gave me the Essential hair product before and I loved it so much that she gave me another one! It makes your hair so soft. I can't wait to use it again & I can't wait to try the snail cure mask and I will do a review about it! There is also a tiny pink tube and I really had no idea what it was, I thought lipgloss but it is BB cream lol I have never used BB cream so I'm curious what it will do for my skin. I really really really like the lipbalsem Burts Bees? I have dry lips like all the time so I immediately put it on my lips and they just look so soft and smooth!! I really needed that and tbh this one feels and smells better than my blue Baby Lips. 

There is also a nailwrap, you can't really see but it has a metallic appearance which I like ( I don't know if I said that right but you understand me right?& it has some skulls on it!  - I really love the HI-CHEW candy it's flavor is Lychee, I've only tried lychee some months ago in a restaurant and began to drink Mugu Mugu and other sort of food with that taste and I fucking love it and this candy is also heaven in your mouth haha. 

And she got me DOLLY WINK lashes! I love these lashes design and I really needed new upper lashes so I can do Gyaru again! Yay ^^ + She added the ViVi magazine which I never ever read ( not that I can read it but ok lol ) before so this is my first ViVi one! I saw some pretty cool outfits in that magazine and I spotted Haruna & Alisa in it, I love them even tho they aren't Gyaru related or anything I just love their fashion style. 

♥ Thank you so much sweetie, I love it ♥.
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