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Hey! How are you doing? I'm good but life has started again lol my 6 week vacation went super fast so back to work bleh. What did you guys do in your summervacation? I went to Zeeland with my family we did awesome things like ride on the quad and there was this Gamehall that was HEAVEN! But okay It's been awhile since I've done a circle lens review! I wanted to do this earlier but everytime something came up but now I finally had the time to make one! These lenses are sponsores by Apple Of Your Eyes <3. 

Candylicious Luxury Premium
Diameter: 16.5mm
Manufacturer: Dueba Korea
Water Content: 42 % - 48%
Life span: 1 Year after opening, or 5 years from the manufacturing DATE
*Frost series would be distributed by Candylicious in new name - Luxury Premium
Colour: They are light brown, with a dark brown/black rim. You can see much difference when it's day and night ofcourse. They are brighter at day and darker at night + you can see the colour difference by taking pictures with your phone or your professional camera. I uploaded pictures taken by phone and canon so you can see.

Comfort: I can wear these lenses for some couple hours! They are comfortable but when I wear them for too long my eyes start to get dry and when I close my eyes, the tears keep rolling my eyes out lol. But these are the only lenses that I can wear for a longer time than my other lenses. These are definitely my favorite lenses from the ones that I own. 

Design & Enlargement: I'm in love with the design they give a little halo effect at the bottom and they blend very well with my eyes as you can see on the pictures. I find them natural looking with a cute effect. You can see from a distance that my eyes are bigger but not like alien'ish what most people think. 
* note: my eyebrow/colour turns out very weird when I take pictures with my Canon. 

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