1. Who inspired you to do Gyaru?
    The photos on tumblr, I first saw some pictures of Rui Kotobuki & Nana Suzuki and I was like OMG they look so pretty and cute! So they were actually the ones who made me try it too and later on I saw many other models, many other styles .. I just fell in love with them all! But for the Gyaru looks I prefer the heavier make!
  2. Why are you so gorgeous? Hihi omg thank you so much 
  3. Do you wanna go to Japan / Have you been in Japan already?
    I really wanna go someday but since I've these anxiety problems & to me it costs too much for now, so maybe in the future when I'm older. I hope I get to meet my 2 Japanese sisters one day ( not my real sisters but we call each other sis ) We sometimes do gift swaps, they bring something from Japan into my life since I can't bring it myself haha!
  4. What are your future dreams? 
    Be happy, marry my boyfriend and have a family together. Go to Japan - Indonesia & China. Because my family comes from Indonesia and I want to see what it's like and just you know I'm not good at explaining omg. My boyfriend comes from China & his family still lives there & Japan, you all know why. And I wish to be a 'model' for websites ( circle lens, fashion ).
  5. Favorite make-up brands?
    Uhm, i actually always buy from the brand Essence it's a cheap brand & sometimes I buy from Maybelline or L'Oreal when they are on discount hahahaha like 2 for 10,-
  6. Favorite Gyaru brands?
    I own some stuff from Onespo, Glavil & Rienda so those are my favorites and I like Fig&Viper but that isn't Gyaru, tho that is more my kind of fashion style. 
  7. Favorite piece of clothing?
    My high waist skirts! My croptops and I love my plateau shoes, I own 3 pairs from Nelly.com + I want more! 
  8. What kind of music do you really like?
    2NE1 - Dancehall - Club music - Nouveau Riche 
  9. Favorite bands/singers?
  10. Who's your fashion idol?
    I've always got inspired by 2NE1 M.I.A. & Syuri but also looking at tokyofashion.com 
  11. What is your dream career?
    I have no idea, I never knew what I wanted to be or do in life and I still don't really know based on work so I guess being a great mom & wife. Maybe I'm going to try a nail study.
  12. What kind of movies do you like? ( Genre )
    Horror! And those American Pie movies :p. I also love American Horror Story and I'm currently watching Orange Is The New Black + I watched The Walking Dead but I'm lost somewhere in season 4. I LOVE IT, THO THEY AREN'T MOVIES I JUST NEEDED TO SHARE. 
  13. Day or night person?
    Night! I really get annoyed when people act too happy in the morning like, fock off. They will directly know when I'm not in the mood. Like when they say 'Haaay Gooodmorning I didn't know you were awake already!' & I'm like 'h' I'ts like I can't even get the full Hey out of my mouth.
  14.  If I send you jewelry, will you make a review about my webshop?
    Of course! I would love to. ( I will be doing a review soon people! )
  15. Gaijin gyaru that inspire you or you look up to? That is really a hard question cause I like all of the Gaijins that I know and they all inspire me. They are all so pretty and they all look so different.
  16. What are your favorite circle lenses?
    I have no favorite ones to be honest! I do have a pair for my natural make up days & another pair who are really for the Gyaru looks.
  17. What kind of cookies do you like?
    Chocolate chip cookies & biscuits, i eat them with peanut butter hmm.
  18. From who do you get your make up ideas?
    Gyaru of course and my 'natural' make up look from tumblr!
  19. What would you name your current style?
    GOOD QUESTION! Why don't you guys tell me! I have no idea. I have always wondered what my style is and I really would like to know.
  20. Favorite Starbucks drink?
    I have never had Starbucks lol.
  21. What would be your dream pizza/toppings?
    OMG uhh I don't know I like pizzas with chicken/kebab on it and I like the standard ones with cheese and tomato saus. 
  22. What are 3 items you want/need to buy right now?
    EYELASHES! Contour products in powder and more clothes/platform shoes!
  23. Which colour haven't you dyed your hair yet? As you had quite some colours?
    I haven't dyed my whole hair in a bright colour, only black brown or blonde but not like the rainbow colours. I only dyed some parts of my hair pink, lavendel, snowwhite & green.
  24. Where did you met your boyfriend?
    I met him on Hyves back in the days it was a popular website something like Facebook. He was a friend of a guy that I knew so he saw me on his friends list and from there we started talking, give our phone numbers, we called & texted alot and from there we decided to meet eachother and since 13-06-2010 we are a happy couple. 
Here are the questions that I had to answer with pictures!
Show us your room & Cutest phone case.

Thank you guys for asking me these questions!

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