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 Hey babes! As you know, lately these platform shoes are going like crazy in many different styles in black, white, the shiny ones with that cool colour effect or the ones with the black/white soles. I first saw them on tumblr and I immediately fell in love with them but I couldn't order them cause I didn't had enough money and the prices are so different on each website but finally I was able to order 2 pairs! I am so happy like I can't wait till I get them :D. I don't know why I'm kinda obsessed with them maybe because they are so different and I just love the way the soles look. Actually I haven't seen anyone yet with them where I live so I hope I'll be the first one who's gonna rock wearing them and that all the basic people will stare again. I am not the only one who really likes them, my mother is a fan of them too and we're going to share the white ones together! I hope she will buy one of those soon too so she has her own pair lol.

I ordered the white ones at www.boohoo.com and the black ones at www.missguided.eu 
The white ones were 38,- and the black ones 51,- Both without shipping costs. Okay I first thought WOW that is expensive like, to me it is well was cause lately the prices in the local shoe stores here are also getting a little high like for like basic shoes you already pas 30,- and than you have BASIC UGLY SHOES. So compared to these ones it is cheap and hey I work for it. I wanted to order the white ones from the Mirella but they were out of stock :( so I had to order the black ones but I'm fine with that too, I also wanted to order the Holographic ones but I have no idea how to style them. Funny tho since I always (most of the time) know how to style things but with that print I have no idea lol. So I also have one pair from Nelly.com which I ordered a half year ago for 27.50,- (sale price, original 54,49) You can now can buy them for only 16,95!!! THAT'S WHAT I CALL REALLY CHEAP FOR SHOES HEELS WHATEVER YOU CALL THEM. I also own 4 pairs of the standard platform shoes 2 black ones (nelly) 1 moss green (h&m) & 1 in white (nelly). Well I hope once I receive them that I can do some outfit shots! I really wanna do some. 

blue is boohoo pink is missguided purple is nelly


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