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Hello there, this is actually an old post from my old blog but I just wanted to share it again with you all! Me and Catherine ( known as Rinkkopuff / Gyarugal ) did a gift swap together. we know eachother for some couple months now and became love partners lol kidding! It was a hard time to search cool stuff for her since I live in a small town with nothing special + we almost don't go out with the family to visit bigger cities etc buuut it was fun to do! I really get happy from gift swapping, I also did that with my friend from Japan, I'm planning to do more with my closest socialmedia friends. So I guess you are all excited to see what I got? Wait a little longer lol, when the postman came in the morning I thought my clothing package came in .. but when I got downstairs a couple hour later I saw the white box and I knew it was from her, finally cause it took 1 month and 1 week to ship! I thought it would never come so I was really really excited to open it. I also screamed OMG OMG CATHERINE'S PACKAGE IS HERE! I immediatly took my camera and started taking photos for the blogpost! Lets see what she bought for me.
They were all so tasty! I wish they would sell these things here where I live but there isn't a Toko place where they sell it, maybe only in the big cities where I never come lol. 

谢谢 宝贝 I LOVE IT ALL .
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