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Hey sweeties! Here i am again, today i'm going to show you my new lens review sponsored to me by Apple of your eyes www.the-serenity-22.blogspot.com ~ I got the Candylicious Big Nudy Green! These are my third pair of green lenses and also my favorite of them, these ones are so dolly and so big! I wanted to make a very nice review of this with some edits but my laptop is so slow that it takes minutes and minutes to load a webpage and i just can't work with that so i'm sorry if this review doesn't look that great :( I hope my bf can fix my laptop soon.
Nudy Green Candylicious Manufacture: Dueba
Water Content 48% BC: 8.6 / 16,5m
Made in Korea
Colour: They are bright green lenses which are very noticable on dark eyes! I don't have anything else to say than that the colour is great hahah.

Comfort: I can't wear them for a very long time cause my eyes will start to get very painfull that they become dry and later i'll tear up because i have to blink 1000 times. So they are not that comfy for me! Only for taking pictures with. The lenses are very soft! 

Design: I love the design it's a very dollish look with a halo effect. They blend a little bit in the middle of the lenses as you look closely you can see what i mean! And the black rim makes it more dolly. 

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