Hey guys! How are you doing? I'm fine, i finally uploaded my picture at this Gaijin Gyaru facebook group and i really got lovely comments, i would never ever thought that would happen! It made me so happy cause i always think i'm not good enough, that i do it all wrong and that the people will give me bad critism and i can't handle that since i will think i can't do anything but anyways here is a new eyelash review sponsored to me by www.kkcenterhk.com. These lashes are called: RED CHERRY / [RED-CHERRY-WSP-BK]

Brand new with original retail packing box
100% Authentic & Human hair
1 pair in box 

When i saw these lashes i was like: They kinda look like those eyelash extensions .. so fluffy'ish but once i wore them they weren't that showable and not that big and fluffy as i thought they would be, they look very natural. I asked my mom if she noticed something about my eyes and she didn't even saw it lol they really look like your own eyelashes she said! They also feel very soft + I always use mascara over my falsies.
 They were easy to apply because of the thin and small eyelashband which i prefer cause the thin bands are easier to play with for your eyeshape but you have to be carefull cause when you are pulling with too much power you will pluck an eyelash out of the band which happened to me. You can add these falsies with other lashes to make them more outstanding and to create nice Gyaru lashes. 


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