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Hey guys! Here is my first circle lens review after some months, i have to get used to it again so I'm sorry if this review is a little bit 'ugly'. It took a little bit longer as usual cause my old SD card was broken and i lost all the other pictures that i took before, these pictures on my new SD card didn't turn out good, they look kinda crappy but i hope it is good enough for this review otherwise it would take longer. I got these lenses sponsored by Uniqso! You can buy the lenses here Use GU92 for 10% off! Uniqso offers many circle lenses and many other stuff like wigs, the shipping doesn't take too long in my opinion! + The service is super great and that's also very important. 

The lenses blend with my own eye colour but i don't like the colour it gets when i take pictures with flash light, it turns a little too brown/orange? You can see the difference between the pictures that i took with flash, with the front camera, in front of the window without flash & some with a filter. So it's kinda hard to say what the exact colour is of these lenses. + On me they look more different than as what i've seen on the internet. The design is very nice but i noticed there was a letter B on both lenses, i've been told that that is normal and some other lenses have that too. The lenses look in some pictures natural but still with a big effect, on other pictures you really see the design what makes it more different. The lenses irritated me quickly but that is also because i've ordered the wrong prescription oops! But after all i didn't liked these lenses with Gyaru make up, for some reason it looks too natural for heavy gal make, I think if it got a black rim or a heavier design it would've looked better if you know what i mean.

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