[ Gift swap with Yue ]

Hello babes, i did another gift swap! This one is with my sis Yue Kihara from Japan! I think some of you will know her. I love doing these things ' giving and receiving '. I don't do gift swaps with random people but with the ones who really have my heart and are close to me. I get so happy from buying cute stuff / candy / dutch souvenirs for them! Lets see what Yue got me!
 She bought this one for my baby nephew sooooooooo cute, isn't it ?! I cant wait to see him in this! He has to grow quickly vsvbsuguwkjbsvhg.
 Fig & Viper bag - WC/Kumatan bag - MA*RS bag! The F&V / Ma*rs are so handy for grocery shopping i used them a couple times now hahah & i use the M*ARS bag at the moment. In the Kumatan bag is a present you can see that down below at the end!
 Barbie facemasks, oh man i adore them! They fit so perfectly and the packages are so cute! Love facemasks like these. And they smell so good, i already used 2 of them i still have the pink one left but sometimes i dont wanna open packages like for example these ones cause they look so pretty :(
 When i saw them i was like: HAAH TELEPHONE EARRINGS HOW COOL! And everyone is looking at me weird for wearing them but i dont care. I like them alot! Tho they are a bit heavy for my ears.
Aiko Ueda ( Gyda ) has them too in red & black! She commented me again on Instagram couple days ago about them! <3 happy <3

This necklace is from Fig & Viper, this is our matching jewelry necklace <3! I love F&V so much i hope in the future i will be having some clothes from them. Alisa Ueno has been a inspiration for me lately, same for Aiko Ueda. So i'm happy that i have the same jewerly as them both and with my sis!
And here is the last gift, Kanojyo dust plug for in my phone! I loveeee WC stuff, Kumatan + Family. I am that crazy that i was thinking of getting a tattoo of him or her since i also have one of Hello Kitty lol :p.

ありがとう Yue <3

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