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Hello lovies! Today i want to introduce you the lovely webshop called Gorgeous Barbie! The webshop began in 2010. They sell different kinds of Gyaru clothes. So if you have Gyaru friends, lead them to the webshop! You can find the link down below. 

❤ They provide second hand, pre-order, retails and wholesale products from website or store. 
❤ They also provides "LIVE SHOPPING" in Japan.
❤ Their products are all 100% imported from Japan, genuine products at reasonable prices.

Payment methods:
~  Bank transfer
~  Cash
~  Paypal
~  Credit card
Shipping Information:
Shipping costs are paid by the buyer
~ They ship worldwide
~ They ship by registered post, air-post or EMS, provides many choices for everyone.

Happy Shopping!
For more information click on the cute dog.

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