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Hello! Lately i've been creating outfits that i like on polyvore.com, I had never heard of this website before untill i saw some outfits on my dash on tumblr, i asked the girl how she made these things and voila now i've been doing them too! I really wish i had the money to buy all these lovely clothes and shoes but meh nope. The creations that i make are outfits that i want to wear but because of the money - and not knowing where to buy all these stuff .. ( online ) i just can't! It really upsets me but ok :(. I get my inspirations from tumblr & ofcourse from Japanese street style. I have to say that my style is very different each time, it really depends on how i feel that day. One day i can be 'yo swag lol' the other day very girly or lets say cyber and with that you have to imagine my -look a like Gyaru face- haha! Ah well here are 4 of my creations, i'm not going to post them all. Hope you like them! XO Ley

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