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Hey everyone! My friend and i had a challenge going on some weeks ago and i won! The challenge was about not dying your hair untill you got roots from 10cm lol we did this because we dye our hair so much that we needed a break! She works at the op=op shop where they sell alot of beauty products and other kinds of stuff and she told me they got nude eyeshadows paletts like the Naked ones but fake, called In The Buff from W7 and has 12 nude colours, I was happy about that since i really needed nude eyeshadows in my life! So she gave me it as a present! Yay. I have no idea if you guys are familiar with that brand tho? But they sell alot of it. Here are some pictures.
I've added the eyeshadows the same way as the pallet, you can see one is with flash and one without. But i must say that the light colours that you hardly can't see on my arm are very noticable on my eyelids! It is kinda too much to put all the eyeshadows on my eyelids to review them for you but i really really am pleased with the palette! I'm currently using the 9th & 10th eyeshadow and wauw! If you aren't that rich to buy the famous expensive brands i would recommend this only the brushes aren't that great but fuck that - € 6,95. 


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