Hello there! Short intro: This is my first review after a long time, i wanted to start all over so here i am with a whole new blog and i hope you'll like to read my terrible skills of English haha! Today i'm going to show you my newest Baby Queen eyelash review, sponsored by kkcenterhk.com.
Upper lashes:
The upper lashes looked really nice in the package until i wore them, they are too short & don't have that extra volume, they also weren't easy to put on my eyelids cause the rubber band was a bit stiff. These short lashes are good enough for natural looks. Buy them here:
Lower lashes:
The lower lashes are very pretty too, when i saw them i wanted to have them & they also looked good while wearing them with bigger upper lashes! They were easy to apply on and perfect for the Gyaru/Doll whatever look you want to create for bigger eyes. Buy them here:


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